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the future of property development.

Excelsior stands for excellence and when it comes to building luxury new homes, we’re perfectionists.

We’ve spent years thinking about design and living and have developed a unique and inspiring modular approach to building homes for the luxury private property market.

Spectrum Apartments are 1, 2 & 3-bedroom apartments that are architecturally designed and innovatively constructed off-site. Although built using the very latest in modern technology, the standards behind them are as high as those with our traditional developments.

What is modular construction?

Modular construction is a sustainable method of off-site construction. It ensures absolute precision and quality control, shorter production times and the least possible disruption to the local community and environment.

Our building components – the modules – are constructed under our strictly controlled factory conditions, adhering to precisely the same building codes and standards as with traditionally constructed buildings, then transported to our site to be assembled.


Our approach is revolutionising modular, with innovation and quality at the very core.


Better quality control

As construction is undertaken in the factory, materials are protected against moisture and weather. Quality control processes reduce the potential for variation and defects, and we are able to easily test acoustic and fire performance, durability and structural resilience.

Excelsior Homes modular apartments are built with steel for superior strength and sustainability.


Better efficiencies

Streamlining the process the modular way reduces both project completion time and cost inefficiencies. There’s no need for delays in material or equipment deliveries – or delays caused by weather. Onsite production (for example, site work, earthwork, utilities, infrastructure, foundations) is carried out all the while the modular components are being rolled off the factory floor.

As a result, assembly on site can take a matter of days, rather than months. In fact, modular construction projects take 30-50% less time to complete than traditional methods.


Better sustainability

Huge amounts of waste are produced through traditional construction methods. This can end up in landfills and is detrimental to the environment. Modular construction, on the other hand, is undertaken in a controlled environment which not only requires less energy but also minimises the amount of waste created. In fact, WRAP, the government-supported charity, estimates waste savings to be as much as 70-90%.

Fewer site deliveries are needed which, in turn, means less disruption, noise and vehicle movement.

It also takes up to 67% less energy to manufacture a modular building than it does to build a conventional structure. The lifetime energy saving delivered by modular buildings is even greater still at up to 90%, due to eco-efficiencies such as airtight structures for increased energy-efficiency and materials for internal walls that improve sound insulation and fire-proofing.

What does the future hold for modular?

The Mayor’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment has said that London needs around 66,000 new homes each year.

At Excelsior Homes, we will continue paving the way forward in the property construction industry and believe that the potential for our revolutionary modular approach is enormous.

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The assurance that mortgage lenders require

Spectrum Apartments are BOPAS -accredited. This means that the way in which they are constructed is fully approved for integrity, durability and performance.

The BOPAS scheme was jointly developed by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Buildoffsite, Lloyd’s Register and BLP Insurance (Building LifePlans Ltd) in consultation with the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association.

The assessment is rigorous, examining every aspect – from design through to offsite manufacture and construction/assembly. It provides the highest levels of quality assurance for mortgage lenders as well as surveyors undertaking valuations. Banks and building societies can be confident that any innovatively constructed, BOPAS-accredited home they’re asked to lend against has been built to the standards already professionally recognised as mortgageable.